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Archery - the sport of shooting with bows and arrows You can try your hand and get archery lessons at the Kaya Artemis Resort in Bafra 0090 392 630 60 00 or visit their website


Badminton-Tennis-Squash There are plenty of facilities available within local municipality, university campus or hotel resorts. Tennis courts can be found at GAU (Girne America University) 0090 392 650 20 00 or visit their website Also Korineum Golf & Resort in Esentepe, Kyrenia has a tennis court where you can take lessons. Call them on 0090 392 600 15 15 or visit their website Badminton can be found at the Middle East Technical University in Nicosia 0090 392 223 64 64 or visit website Or near Necat British college in Kyrenia there is the Ertugrul Apakan sportsalon.


Beach clubs- there are several beach clubs along the Kyrenia coast line

Camelot Beach Club in Alsancak, Kyrenia call 0090 548 830 06 03 or visit website

Denizkizi Hotel call 0090 392 821 26 76 or visit website

Shayna Beach Club in Çatalköy, Kyrenia call 0090 533 885 00 04 or visit website

Cornaro Beach Club in Çatalköy, Kyrenia call 0090 548 870 03 05 or visit website


Bird watching-North Cyprus is excellent place for bird lovers Kuşkor-The North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature. Call them 0090 542 881 37 50 or visit website


Bowling -Perfect for a great night with family or friends Try it in Kyrenia at Kings Leisure Centre 0090 533 838 55 35. Or try Ice Bowling Leisure Centre which opened in Famagusta 0090 542 851 06 67. If you prefer to be outside you can try Flat Green Bowling. Located in Lapta there is a family owned bowls green. Contact them on 0090 533 880 11 96 or visit their website


Clay Pigeon Shooting-known also as a clay target shooting. You can find it in the Gönyeli Gun Club near Nicosia 0090 533 846 06 41.


Cycling-another way to explore the island You can join cycling tours or just hire your own bike and explore the island. For more info about tours and where you can hire a bike try Cyprus Cycling 0090 542 851 55 00 or Cyprus Active 0090 533 831 90 72 or visit their website


Karting–Fancy a mini Formula 1? Then try Zet Karting in North Cyprus Zet Karting is located outside Nicosia visit their website or call them 0090 533 866 61 73. Or Cemsa Karting in Nicosia 0090 392 223 62 35 or Maxmille Power in Tuzla, Famagusta 0090 392 364 88 89.


Golf - There is an 18 hole championship course at Korineum Golf & Resort in Esentepe, Kyrenia, and a driving range where you can have golf lessons. Call them on 0090 392 600 15 15 or visit their website


Horse riding - In Nicosia Cemsa Riding School 0090 392 223 62 35. In Karsiyaka there is The Kozan Restaurant & Picnic area, they offer a lot of different activities call them 0090 533 845 70 70 or visit website


Ice skating - yes you can find it even in North Cyprus. At the moment the only synthetic ice (not real ice) rink can be found in Famagusta, Ice Bowling Leisure Center 0090 542 851 06 67.


Jet Skiing – at Camelot Beach in Alsancak, which is run by the GAU.


Mini Golf – at Oris Beachin Alsancak, which is a new beach bar with other activities.


Orchids -take a long walk and enjoy the fauna North Cyprus is an exciting destination for all lovers of wild orchids. There are 19 endemic plant species which only grow in North Cyprus and also 32 species of wild orchids.


Paint Balling - for this fun game you must book in advance. There are a few places to play paintball. Paint Ball Bar in Famagusta 0090 533 865 61 91. Paint Ball Nicosia 0090 533 844 46 44. The Sunset Club Kyrenia 0090 533 865 49 59 or visit their website


Paragliding - what a perfect way to see North Cyprus! Highline Paraglidingtakes off near St.Hilarion Castle. 0090 542 855 56 72 or visit their website


Quad Bike - Safari-offers an amazing ride on the Besparmak mountains. For more information you can contact Quad Bike Safari in Lapta, Kyrenia 0090 533 547 37 32. Or Quad Bike Tours in Alsancak 0090 392 821 27 97.


Scuba diving - explorer the unique underwater world Nautilus Scuba Diving School, Nicosia call 0090 392 444 99 88 or visit website British Scuba Centre, Catalkoy Kyrenia call 0090 533 868 31 65 or visit website Amphora Diving. Kyrenia call 0090 542 851 49 24 or visit website Underwater Explorers call 0090 533 879 44 21 or visit website


Turtlebay Dive Centre Kyrenia call 0090 533 849 62 66 or visit website Sea Turtles-a unique experience to get close to the nesting turtles The mother turtle will come to lay her eggs from May to August on beaches in North Cyprus. Two months later the tiny creatures hatch and rush to the sea. There are several beaches across the island but most popular is Alagadi Turtle Beach, Kyrenia .Call them for more info 0090 533 865 86 34 or visit website


Walking – Hiking –Trekking-explore North Cyprus walking There are several companies which offer walking tours, call them for more information. The Kyrenia Mountain Trail Association, Kyrenia 0090 533 845 39 35 or visit website North Cyprus Walking, Kyrenia call them 0090 815 08 90 or visit website Or why not try Dog Walking, you can visit the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre in Karakum, Kyrenia for more information 0090 533 869 40 98 or visit website


Water parks - family fun activities Some hotels in Kyrenia have large pools, slides and organised daily pool activities for children. Acapulco Resort, Convention & Spa call 0090 392 650 45 00 or visit website. Oscar Resort Hotel call 0090 392 815 48 01 or visit website Laphetos Resort, Hotel & Spa call 0090 392 821 89 61.


The Wild Donkeys - Karpaz Visit Karpaz National Park and watch wild donkeys. Once upon a time donkeys were important for the island’s economy and its citizens. It was common for every family to have at least one donkey. Today they are protected and can be found in the Karpaz National Park.


North Cyprus celebrates both religious holidays and national days. 


1st        January - New Year's Day
23rd      April - National Sovereignty and Children's Day
1st        May - Labour Day
19th      May- Commemoration of Aturtük
, youth and Sport's Day
20th      July- Peace and Freedom Day
1st        August- Social Resistance Day
30th      August - Victory Day
29th      October- Turkish Republic Day
15th      November Independence Day (proclamation of TRNC)
The Şeker Bayram and Kurban Bayram follow the Muslim lunar calendar and therefore the dates differ from year to year


January 1st - New Year's Day - Yılbaşı

Everywhere in the world celebrates New Year’s Day and is celebrated greatly on New Year’s Eve.  In North Cyprus the night is celebrated by big parties, drinking, singing and breathtaking fireworks welcoming in the New Year. Although it is not a religious holiday, you will see Christmas trees with lights in some houses and schools and gifts are often exchanged.


April 23rd – Turkish National Sovereignty and Children's Day- Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı

Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus celebrate the daywith vast ceremonies and performances.  April 23rd was dedicated to Turkish children by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. Their special dayemphasisesthe modernisation of the country and the fact that they wouldrepresent the future of the new nation.  It was first celebrated in Turkey on April 23rd1920, during the War of Independence. Children celebrate with a gala, dressing in national costumes with traditional music. 


May 1st – Labour Day - İşçi ve Bahar Bayramı

Labour Day is also known as May Day and as celebrated in most countries around Europe.  It is a holiday resulting from efforts made by the labour union movement, celebrating the economic and social achievements of workers.  North Cyprus however, represents a public holiday. Only government offices are closed on this day, but many employers choose to celebrate it with their staff.


May 19th - Commemoration of Atatürk& Youth & Sports Day - Atatürk'ü Anma, Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus commemorates Youth & Sports day as it shares many holidays with Turkey.

This is an annual Turkish national holiday to commemorate the beginning of the Turkish War of Independence on the 19th May 1919.  Atatürk himself proclaimed May 19th as "Youth and Sports Day" and it serves to honour the country's founder. During this holiday ceremonies are held across all Turkey as well as North Cyprus.  Youths sing the national anthem and recite poems. There are parades, sports and cultural activities like performing traditional folk dances and drama to commemorate Atatürk and his companions from the beginning of the national struggle in 1919.


July 20th - Peace and Freedom Day - Turkish Intervention - Barış ve Özgürlük Bayramı

July 20th 1974 is a very important day in the history of Cyprus.On the 15th July 1974 a coup d'état was organised by Greek armed forces who were against the then president, Archbishop Makarios and his government, in an attempt order to unify the island with Greece. On the 20th July 1974 Turkish troops intervened to provide a safe haven in the north of the island for the Turkish Cypriots. On Peace and Freedom Day there is a big military parade in Lefkosia and a flypast over Kyrenia harbour.


August 1 - Social Resistance Day - Ulusal Direniş Bayramı

This marks the founding in 1958 of the Turkish Cypriot resistance movement TMT.


August 30 – Victory Day - Zafer Bayram

Marking Turkey’s liberation from invading Greek troops in 1922. The victory is seen as a turning point in the foundation of Turkey, and is celebrated as a public holiday.


October 29 - Turkish Republic Day - Cumhuriyet Bayramı

To mark the foundation of the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey in 1923


November 15 - Republic Day of T. R. N. C. - Cumhuriyet Bayramı 

Turkish Cypriots first proclaimed North Cyprus in 1975, a year after the split with the Greek Cypriots. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was established on 15 November 1983, by the Turkish Cypriot community and Turkish Cypriot Leader/Northern Cypriot State President Rauf Denktash. Its independenceis, however, recognised only by Turkey.


Movable date - Sugar Bayram - End of Ramadan or Seker Bayram - Ramazan Bayramı or Şeker Bayramı

Seker Bayram, which is also called the Sugar Festival, takes place at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and will last for three days. This religious feast will be celebrated with family and giving presents and sweets to visitors.  During this feast older members of the family will be respected by kissing their hands and many Turkish Cypriots will attend mosque.  You will find in Nicosia, a fun-fair, traditional food and crafts. Restaurants in North Cyprus will usually be empty on the 27th night of Ramadan, which is known as Kadir Gecesi or the night the Koran was revealed to Muhammad.


Movable date - Feast of the Sacrifice - Kurban Bayramı

Kurban Bayram is a 4 day celebration and will starttwo months after the Seker Bayram.In the UK this is known as Eid-al-Adha.This feast will commemorate the sacrifice of Ishmael by Abraham, which is a Koranic version of the Abraham-and-Isaac story, and used to be distinguished by the sacrifice and roasting of many sheep. This custom however has faded in Cyprus but the festival isstill celebrated. Turkish Cypriots are among the laxest Muslims in the world in terms of observance, but most make the effort to abstain from alcohol during this period.